Classy Couple

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Amy and Terry are one classy couple.   From start to finish, their wedding was like watching a scene from a movie…. Our chapel limousine slowly pulled up in front of the building, their driver, Lorenzo gracefully walked around the car and opened the limo door and extended his arm to the bride to help her out of the car. Amy’s gown was a reflection of her personality: elegant and refined.  Lorenzo then handed the bride over to the groom and the couple made their way up the staircase to the chapel. They were so sophisticated, and I could sense how amazing they felt, as if they were royalty.  

They had a very romantic, simple ceremony.  Their eyes twinkled every time they spoke to each other.  The only thing missing was the red carpet.  Via’s photos showcased the bride’s dress beautifully, and you can see in their photos that they were very comfortable working with Via.  

I truly hope they had a memorable experience with Downtown Vegas Chapel.