Check out our Downtown Vegas Chapel photo gallery!

We’re super excited to launch our online wedding gallery. Here you can check out our simple and modern Las Vegas wedding venue. The gallery starts with the exterior of Downtown Vegas Chapel. Super simple and you’ll recognize it’s just one block from the Marriage License Bureau.

Check out the Downtown Vegas Chapel Photo Gallery here.

Once inside, you can see photos from throughout the wedding chapel. Beginning with our lobby where we offer a variety of last-minute wedding needs from rings to tiaras and a sample of tux and gown (we partner with Downtown Tux & Gown just down the street!). From there, you can see our intimate bridal suite, the perfect spot for a portrait session before your ceremony. Our modern chapel seats 32 and is adorned with a red entryway for the wedding couple to make their grand entrance and a gorgeous floral wall where your ceremony will take place.

Once the wedding is over, have some fun with a posed photo session throughout the chapel grounds and even in our fun photo studio complete with a green screen!

After touring our Las Vegas wedding venue, check out some of our wedding photo galleries. There, you can see the everything from ceremony photos, which are taken in-the-moment and include everything from the grand entrance, to the ring exchange and first kiss. From there, our posed photos show you just how much fun and intimacy can be captured with our professional wedding photographers. It’s a great way to see what’s included in our wedding packages, as well as some of the amazing photos that can be taken.

We hope you love touring the space as much as we do and that we will see you soon. Cheers!

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