Check out our Downtown Vegas Chapel photo gallery!

We’re super excited to launch our online wedding gallery. Here you can check out our simple and modern Las Vegas wedding venue. The gallery starts with the exterior of Downtown Vegas Chapel. Super simple and you’ll recognize it’s just one block from the Marriage License Bureau.

Check out the Downtown Vegas Chapel Photo Gallery here.

Once inside, you can see photos from throughout the wedding chapel. Beginning with our lobby where we offer a variety of last-minute wedding needs from rings to tiaras and a sample of tux and gown (we partner with Downtown Tux & Gown just down the street!). From there, you can see our intimate bridal suite, the perfect spot for a portrait session before your ceremony. Our modern chapel seats 32 and is adorned with a red entryway for the wedding couple to make their grand entrance and a gorgeous floral wall where your ceremony will take place.

Once the wedding is over, have some fun with a posed photo session throughout the chapel grounds and even in our fun photo studio complete with a green screen!

After touring our Las Vegas wedding venue, check out some of our wedding photo galleries. There, you can see the everything from ceremony photos, which are taken in-the-moment and include everything from the grand entrance, to the ring exchange and first kiss. From there, our posed photos show you just how much fun and intimacy can be captured with our professional wedding photographers. It’s a great way to see what’s included in our wedding packages, as well as some of the amazing photos that can be taken.

We hope you love touring the space as much as we do and that we will see you soon. Cheers!

How to Get Married in Las Vegas the Wedding Capital of the World

Here is a great infographic we picked up from that has some great resources on it pertaining to getting married in the wonderful LasVegas!  After you pick up your marriage license walk on over to see us at Downtown Vegas Chapel.  We can do the rest for you!  Let us help you say I DO!


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10 Of The Best Places To Set Up Your Wedding Registry

1. Amazon, for everything. Everything!

Amazon, for everything. Everything!

Why it’s great: With the world’s largest selection of products, you’ll (likely) find what you want for your registry. You can shop through specific designer boutiques like Jonathan Adler and MoMA Design Store. Prime members enjoy the usual free, two-day prime shipping and non-Prime members receive free shipping on $49+ registry orders on eligible items. Wedding guests can finance pricier items for up to 24 months through the Amazon Store Card and registrants have a 180-day window to return items.

How it works: Sign up online and add the products you want from Amazon. Then download the Amazon Assistant Google Chrome extension to add items from other websites to your registry.

Stuff we like: 13-inch Morning Star crepe maker ($59.99), 6-quart Instant Pot ($99), Cards Against Humanity ($25), Stanley 65-piece homeowner’s tool kit ($41.99), and Oahu double sleeping bag with two pillows ($49.99).

Completion discount: Within a month after your wedding date, you’ll receive a one-time registry completion discount. Prime members receive 20% off an order as large as $2,500 and non-prime members receive 10% off an order as large as $1,000. Get details here.

Read more

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Popular Wedding Colors: 10 Pretty Palettes

Looking for the most popular wedding color palettes?  Here we have 5 of the most popular wedding hues, each done with 2 different accent colors.  You’d be surprised how much a secondary color can change the look of a scheme!

Aqua & Coral

As you can tell from this cheery wedding program above, aqua and coral is one of the brightest and happiest color palettes you can find.  It’s particularly fetching for beach weddings, with lush floral arrangements in sherbet brights.

Aqua & Neutrals

Vintage wedding?  Aqua pairs really well with shades of ivory and touches of burlap.  Below, this aqua wedding cake is dressed up with white buttons and a wooden topper. Read more

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14 Wedding Trends to Avoid in 2017: Flower Crowns, Food Trucks, and More

The aesthetic of your wedding should feel unique, specific to you, and worthy of your special day. But the look of your event should also stand the test of time. However, for many, things often get a little bit muddled. Pinterest boards are made, and trends are quickly copied. So to help you avoid such a blunder, we reached out to seven top wedding planners to hear which trends they believe would be a mistake to incorporate in 2017. The result? A lively mix of opinions as to what has been overused, will soon look dated, and personal dislikes. So brides-to-be, beware.

“Naming your drinks. Please, no one serve another ‘Dantini’ or a ‘Jennyrita.’ Do serve delicious, artisanal, fresh drinks that are seasonal and inspired, but please stop the witty banter via bar menus, I ‘thankyoutini’ in advance. Read more

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Real Wedding Vows That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

I’ll never forget writing my wedding vows, aka the moment when I realized I had no idea how to write wedding vows in the first place. It was two days before our wedding and I had just gotten into a huge fight with my mom over something stupid like earrings that wasn’t really about earrings at all. (Weddings, man, they make you do crazy things.) I was exhausted, emotionally wrecked, and in no place to spend my time writing wedding vows. But, since I had procrastinated on the task, there I sat, at two in the morning, holed up in my little brother’s bedroom, crying into football-printed sheets and racking my brain for inspiration, while one of my bridesmaids slept in the bed across the room.

In my heightened emotional state, what flowed from my fingers onto my computer screen ended up being near perfect. Those marriage vows brought down the house and made more than a few grown men cry. I remember being more proud of that than any other part of the wedding. Forget the good food, the venue, the dress. If we’d made people understand why they were there in the first place, then I felt like we did our job well.

If I pulled together a holistic sum of all of the weddings I’ve ever attended, I would say unequivocally that the wedding vows are what set the stage for the whole damn thing.  And that’s not to say that they even have to be hand-written marriage vows, you just have to mean them. Read more

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7 Things the Mother of the Bride of Groom Shouldn’t be Doing

Even though it’s all out of the goodness of their hearts, the mother of the brideand the mother of the groom can get a little too involved with the wedding. Here are a few things that they definitely shouldn’t be doing – where you know they’ve crossed a line…


Obviously, with their child getting married, both sets of mothers are bound to get excited. Your diaries will be filling up with lunch dates with you and your mother, or you and your groom’s mum where every single thing you could possibly talk about when it comes to weddingswill be mentioned.

At Wedding Ideas, we love to see brides accepting help from others so they get a bit of stress relief, but don’t let that mean that no part or no detail of your wedding is planned by you. It’s not uncommon to see that motherly tendency of ‘taking over’ – whether subtle or slightly more aggressive – so be warned. If you want something done in that way, don’t let your mother’s words sway you. Your day, your way – and that’s that. Read more

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What’s Happening To The Traditional White Wedding?

It looks like modern bride and grooms are tearing up the wedding etiquette book!

The traditional British wedding is on the verge of extinction as brides and grooms opt instead for ultra-modern refinements to their big day in 2015, new national research has revealed.

The modern innovations start from the initial wedding invitation, as 22% are now issued via Facebook or other social network rather than the traditional card, sent through the post.

What’s more, one in every 20 wedding invites is dispatched by email, with a further 12% being sent by textmessage, according to the study by leading hotel bookers Read more

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How to Pull Off a Seasonal Wedding Without Overdoing It

Whether you handpicked your wedding date or went with whatever was available at your venue of choice, the time of year you host your nuptials can play a role in some key decisions. But the month you get married shouldn’t fully dictate the look and feel of your big day. We asked some pros for their advice on how to keep your wedding seasonal without going overboard.

Don’t Over Do It

The trick is to use seasonal décor sparingly, says Audrey Isaac of 100 Candles. “The goal should be to give a nod to the season without it completely overshadowing your theme,” she adds. So you can skip the decorated fir trees and wreaths around the holidays. Simply pair lanterns and LED lights with a few pinecones and touches of evergreen. And get creative with glass vessels. You can fill them with seasonal fruits like cranberries floating in water. Read more